The Glass Castle Jeanette's Parents Mistakes

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In the novel the Glass Castle Jeanette Walls learns from the mistakes of her parents that being successful in life depends of your characters and the choices you make in your life . Jeanette learns from her parents that if she doesn 't start thinking about her future at a young age , she’ll eventually be following the footsteps of her parents, and having an unpurposeful and an unrewarding lifestyle in her future. The Glass Castle suggests that in order to be successful in life you have to leave some things behinds and move on and that exactly what Jeannette Walls has done. Jeanette 's parents mistake was that they never thought about the future and always tried to enjoy the present. She chose to move away from her parents and live with her older sister and that decision she made was the main reason why she succeeded in life. In order for a person to learn, they have to either make mistakes or learn from others mistakes. Jeanette 's parents mistake was that they didn’t think about their future and they did whatever they could to survive their hardships. Similarly, Jeanette leaned from her parents mistakes that in order for her to be successful she needs to make a sacrifice and that sacrifice will lead her to a purposeful and a brighter future. She discovered many things about her parents as she was…show more content…
The Glass Castle suggests that in order to have a successful life you will have to make a huge sacrifice and learn from yours or other mistakes. Jeanette learns that for her to be successful she needs to leave her parents and her sibling behind. She chose to learn from the mistake of her parents and she took a huge risk in leaving her home, her family and moving to New York to make sure that she doesn’t become like her parents. She didn’t want to make the exact mistake that her parents did when they were in her position. Just like in the Glass Castle when Jeanette mention that if she continues to live with her parents she‘ll eventually adapt their way of
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