The Glass Castle Jeannette Walls Character Analysis

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In the novel, The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls faces many challenges that seemed impossible to overcome much like I have during my middle school years. Jeannette in her younger years had to deal with poverty and bullying that I have to imagine caused much distress and pain in her life. While my story and Jeannette’s aren’t that similar, they both are about pain and challenges that we had to overcome. In my case, my hardships began around the beginning of seventh grade. I had to deal with horrible surgery recovery and things going wrong in my body. One other thing I share in common with Jeannette from her story would be dealing with bullying and fitting in. While Jeannette was made fun of for her lifestyle and money situations, I was bullied for having seizures in class and horrible scarring on my…show more content…
I was only attending half days to begin with due to my brain still healing and not handling stimuli very well. I was given a room where I could eat lunch with my friends. My friends were glad to see I made it back okay but I knew they could tell I was different. I was definitely more quiet and in a depressed sort of state. In the first week after returning I had a seizure at school. Many people saw it and were concerned, however, some students thought it was funny and would begin rolling around on the ground to mock me. I see some of those people in my class as I type this story. I have long since forgiven them but I still remember. Other problems besides the bullying and seizures in class persisted as well. It was a constant struggle to get through every day and keep up with the work. My brain had suffered a lot of damage and my thinking process was not as good as it should have been. The shunt that had been rerouted was also beginning to act up again and my parents decided to take me to the hospital for the third time but this time to a different
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