The Glass Castle Movie Analysis

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11 years ago, Jeanette Walls introduced us to her unforgettable family in the memoir she wrote called The Glass Castle. The story talks about how she lived an interesting life by moving from place to place, and having mini adventures with her family. She described her childhood being raised by two people who shirked responsibility and convention that prioritized adventure over putting food on the table. Between scenes of abject poverty and dumpster diving were bouts of dreaming, drawing, and wild, wild freedom. The Glass Castle was a really big hit, selling almost three million copies and spending 261 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. The memoir 's highly anticipated film adaptation came out on August 11. While the film preserves key themes from the memoir, many aspects of Jeannette 's journey from the Walls family to Park Avenue are shifted around to fit a different, cleaner narrative. Fans of the memoir might leave the theater wondering if they remembered the book incorrectly, The Glass Castle movie is a less sentimental and sanitized version of the shocking book. Here are the main differences between the cinematic Walls family, and the one that Jeannette Walls initially told us about in her memoir. Unlike Grandma Walls, who the kids referred to as a “witch” and a “pervert”, Walls loved Rose Mary’s mother. Walls spoke fondly of her white house with green shutters in Phoenix and how much she loved staying there when they had nowhere else to go. In the
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