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I am reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. This memoir gives the reader a peek into the major events encompassing in the unusual life of Jeanette Walls. The reason i decided to read this novel was merely because of the raving reviews of the people around me. They said it was a very quick read because i would have trouble setting the book down and they were very true. The main character is the author obviously and we follow her through her struggles growing up that even follow her to some of her adult life until she finally finds her happily ever after. The setting of the story takes place all over the country as Rex Walls, jeannette’s father drags their family from location to location to avoid the law. Most of her life Jeanette is …show more content…

Her father was more of an intense version of my own father. In our family I am always my father’s favorite, the one that stood by him through everything. We are playful together and he wants to give me everything even when he can’t. He always wants to be the one to take care of me not the other way around and he’s extremely stubborn, cocky and loves talking about himself. He also always loved my mother even though when they were still married they would fight constantly and the amount of beers he can throw back can always amaze me, but other than that he is mostly the good parts of Rex Walls. These similarities made me picture me as Jeannette and my father as Rex. This made Rex’s death at the end of the book extremely hard on me. I cried for at least an hour. This book was just so well written I could put myself in it and try to feel her pain. It’s like in “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman where he is saying that everyone is connected in the world and that if you know someone and their struggle you can become them metaphorically.
In the end, i would most certainly recommend this memoir to anyone and everyone else. I will most likely reread this work in the future on my own time. I’m sure the person i will recommend it too will have trouble putting it down like i did and the person who recommended it to me

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