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In the novel The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Rex Walls is a very special type of character and he changes throughout the book and just becomes almost like a different person. Rex goes from this person that cares about his family and his kids and would do anything for them to this person that doesn't want to do anything to do with family and him just going to the bar and drinking his life away.
1 In the beginning of the book Rex is a protective person towards his family and especially Jennette. Rex may not be be the brightest person when it comes to his actions or coming up with ideas but he takes care of his family, he was always getting jobs so his family could eat and have a roof over their heads,”Dad would get a job as an electrician or
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When Rex and his family moves to Welch he changes from before and becomes really irresponsible. When Jennette and Rosemary are arguing about if Rosemary should leave Rex,things got heated and Jennette walked off and then Lori went and talked to her and said “She needs to be firmer, lay down the law for dad instead of getting hysterical all the time,” (Walls,208). This quote shows that Rex walks all over Rosemary so that he can get it his way and chose no be irresponsible. Rex doesn't understand that he needs to help his family and that he can’t keep on stealing money and expect everyone to be happy with him. Rex Walls can’t save himself or his family because of how irresponsible he is.
Rex has changed a lot through out the Glass Castle and he actually changed in a bad way. He went from this person that cared about family to a type of person that did not care about family and just drank his life and his money away. Rex didn’t learn from his mistakes and just said ok and then moved on with his life. If Rex would have learned from his mistakes, his life would of been a lot better for him and his
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