The Glass Castle Themes

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In life there are so many things that can go wrong; in a matter of seconds or even years. However everything in life has its upside. The hardships we face, the battles we fight, they all end up making us stronger, better people. Jeannette Walls writes a memoir about aspects of her life in The Glass Castle, where she strongly reflects this philosophy. In this memoir Jeannette Walls describes the hardships in her life, which consists of low income, neglect of her parents, and underestimation. She goes through these hardships and eventually experiences release and growth in her life. Walls turns her struggles into a blessing. The Joshua tree in The Glass Castle displays the theme, that one’s struggles are what make them beautiful and strong; it’s…show more content…
Clearly Jeannette has gotten to a point in her life where her basic needs can no longer be well provided and she desperately needs them. So far the only person who can support her is herself. Later in the future she says,“ I worked up a budget and calculated that we could indeed squeak by if i made extra money babysitting”(209). Not having enough money to even provide her family with food becomes a blessing in disguise. Jeannette gains the ability to be mindful with her money while providing for her family. Unfortunately it could also be said that Jeannette grew up too fast. On the bright side because she went through that kind of experience she knows how to take on her responsibilities. In closing, unlike most children Jeanette had to financially support her and her family, which in the future made her know how important her roles are and how strong of a person she is
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