The Glass Menagerie Analysis Essay

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The Glass Menagerie Analysis
Anthony Copeland
ENG1300/ Literature

In The Glass Menagerie, the main character/ protagonist, Tom is a young man lives at home with his mother and his sister who has a disability. Tom has a job he hates but does to support them. In Tom’s home life, he argues with his mother, and in his free time goes to the nearby movie theatre to get away from them. Does it seem selfish that Tom wants too leave his mother and sister behind? I personally believe Tom isn’t selfish, because his personal life revolves around how his mother treats him and his aspirations, and how his past experiences lead to him leaving at the end of the play. I also see Tom’s departure at the end of the story as neglecting of his responsibilities, and a means to an end to remove
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1041). That is the first time she brings the world and that things go on outside of their lives, something Tom wants to experience and see for himself. Another issue when it comes to Amanda and Tom arguing about what he wants to do, is that she sees his father, the man who walked out on all of them in Tom and resents him for it. Amanda is very controlling and hate-filled when it comes to the topic of Tom wanting to move out, as she goes so far as to take book that he paid for away from him to coerce him into accepting the life he has. Towards the end of the play, Amanda tells him he is a selfish dreamer doesn’t think of his mother and sister (Williams, 2013, Act 1, p. ). Which is seen to the audience as one of the many things which leads to Tom’s departure, sadly leaving his younger sister behind telling the audience he will never forget
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