The Glass Menagerie Gender Roles Essay

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The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams 1944
The text The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams written in 1944 is a semi-autographical drama written in play form. The text can be conveyed differently by two different readers supposing one reader is from 2016 and the other is from 1944. Many of the symbolism used in the drama would represent something different depending on the time era. For example back then Laura couldn’t be what she wanted to be, today on the other hand Laura could be a secretary and more if she wanted to. Women are always most likely to be discriminated upon. Throughout history we have had some catching up to do since women were recently able to enter the workplace versus a male who has always been portrayed as dominant and has always had the opportunity to obtain a career.
Gender roles plays a huge part in this because of the time period of the play. Amanda discusses what roles women have according to her Southern upbringing. Today, that isn’t enforced the same way and girls aren’t held to the high expectations that Amanda had for Lura. Amanda teaches Laura that her looks are the most important thing about her saying “You be the
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Women had societal roles and expectations that they had to follow. Of course in the 1940’s life for women was then beginning to expand, women at this point were now authorized to serve in the U.S Navy, but even then you must keep in mind that people in the 1940’s still had grown up with the mindset of women having to play a certain role for the family. Just because things were changing does not mean that people’s mindsets followed along right away. Men were constructed with the mentality that they had to be the providers for the families, the “breadwinners”. Women obtained little power being only as much as caregivers and housewives. Today, women are encouraged to to explore who they are and become who they want without gender inequality being the thing to hold them
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