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Sep 13, 2017 11:20pm
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There are seven parts to a play's vertical axis, and four on the horizontal axis. Today I will discuss these element's and which I feel is the most important to the play starting with the vertical axis.

The plot. The plot of the Glass Menagerie is narrated by Tom who narrates and both participates in the play. He is reflecting about his memories of when he was younger,and eventually it evolves into being much more than a memory as we witness the actual events that took place during Tom's youth and
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They all want to escape the circumstances that life has dealt them, and each of them tries to in all of their own ways. With the dictation, I feel like it was more of a regret alongside with sadness. He regrets leaving because he mentions he emotionally couldn't let go of her all through the years of his travels. Other than that, good description. from Discussion #1 - The Glass Menagerie
Sep 14, 2017 8:34pm
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I think you really hit the nail on the head with your discussion that dialogue really brought substance to the play. For me having an older Tom start out by telling us that his memory distorts the past, kind of gave me the feeling we would be seeing only Tom's point of view, but what we get is much much more in-depth about all of them. Your use of the glass figurine as the climax makes sense, because the breaking of the glass figurine, which is fragile and beautiful, to me represents the shattering of dreams and hope, which in themselves are
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