Supplier Competitive Advantage

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Companies go international for a variety of reasons but the typical goal is company growth or expansion (Katarzyna Twarowska, 2013). The company expansion brings challenges to accountant profession. They need the skill and knowledge in order to face and deal with the global business environment.
Global business environment include the foreign market entry, managing segmentation supplier, supply chain management and human resources. Several factors are considered to be important in assessing the potential attractiveness of a foreign market: market size and market growth. From the transaction, we can gain information and social ties from the foreign market, which create business opportunity. A firm enter a foreign market must make an important
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Organisations are starting to realise that they have become more reliant on suppliers in terms of innovative power and security of supply and on-going cost savings (voorbehouden, 2013). Accountant should initiate a study on supplier management to gain a better understanding of the typical challenges involved and to determine how supplier capabilities drive competitive advantage. As a company expand their business to international level, having effective global human resources becomes necessary. Those who favour the contingency perspective believe that HR practices should be designed in response to such organizational and environmental factors as the economic status of the industry, the maturity of the market and technological considerations The organizations which are performing well in terms of people management combine strong discipline in human capital management with attention to the importance of social capital the building of relationships and networks within the organization, organizational capital the structure and culture of the firm (Philip Stiles, 2006). Effective global human resources can establish the vital success and can be sources for persistent to the company. As accountant, skills and knowledge about global issues is crucial, in turn to became effective global human resources to face the challenges of the global business…show more content…
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