The Global Problems Of Littering: A Global Problem

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(Delaney, 2011)

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What is littering? 3
Why is it a problem? 3
How littering is caused 4
The effects of littering 4
The solution to littering 4
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Littering is a global problem and is a problem everywhere on our planet Earth, littering is basically throwing used items anywhere instead of throwing them in rubbish bins or waste baskets provided. Littering is generally caused by humans. This report will discuss the global problem of littering and, how it is caused, how it affects our environment and the solutions to stop it.
What is littering?

Littering is an increasingly prevalent terrible habit of
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It’s also a problem because it provides a perfect breeding ground for many insects and rodents that not only harm our environment but also carry several dangerous diseases which could affect humans as well. Litter can cause many animals to get hurt while stepping on it and also trapping the animals but also poisoning them. It is found that cigarette butts are the most littered item on our planet. It has been reported to being found in stomachs of animals such as fish, birds and whales who have mistaken the litter for food. Littered Cigarette butts
Source: (Murray, 2013) Source: (Anon., 2005)

The photo on the right shows how litter that is littered on the beaches affect the marine creatures like fish. How littering is caused

Littering is caused by people all around the world. The reason people litter is simple, some are not educated about how littering can affect our environment and disrupt the balance of many ecosystems and how it kill marine creatures in the ocean. Some people litter because of just being lazy and not throwing away their litter in rubbish bins. Littering can also be caused by the lack of trash receptacles in public
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Another solution to the problem is that people can take the garbage with them after visiting a local park or beach. People can also pack litter less lunch by using reusable containers. When shopping, people can bring with them reusable bags for use. Dog owners can help stop littering by picking up after their dogs.

To conclude, littering is a serious global problem, littering is caused by people because they are lazy, lack environmental knowledge or because there aren’t enough waste bags around. Littereing can affect many ecosystems and creatures and can emit greenhouse gases therefore causing global warming. In order to stop littering, people can use reusable bags when shopping.
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