The Global Rise Of Nationalism In Europe

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The world has entered during the global rise of nationalism. This is not only due to the spread of nationalist sentiment in the European countries (mainly in France, Germany, Great Britain), that have demonstrated the elections to the European Parliament. In addition to Europe, nationalism rears its head in Asia. The victory in the elections in the largest democracy of the world called India won the Indian nationalists. The authorities in Japan, the Nationalist government, the rise of nationalism observed in Japanese society. The events surrounding the Russian-Ukrainian relations show that Russian nationalism is also gaining momentum. We see that in every country the rise of nationalism due to different reasons. But there is some common ground. One of them is related to the fact that now the world is moving from a unipolar to a multipolar world order, in which the…show more content…
The second reason - it's the inability to stop the reaction, grows out of feelings of the people against the neo-liberal globalization, cosmopolitanism, and his denial of the national state.

Chapter I
The rise of nationalism in Europe ( XXI)

By the beginning of the XXI century nationalism has become one of the essential factors in the development of a modern European society. Nationalist movements, primarily the right and the populist right-wing, gaining strength, and political parties, using nationalist rhetoric, succeed in the elections. Nationalist activity system is complemented by the increased activity of right-wing extremists extrasystemic: multiplying attacks on immigrants
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