The Globalization Of Football

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Sport, especially football, compiles most dynamic domain of globalization. Football has been most popular sort of sport in the world and its popularity started from beginning of the 20th century. It is the fact that football has been changed a lot due to globalization and its differences from twentieth century’s football are undeniable. Simple pasture games which rely on balls transformed into global competitions which have strict rules and all of the teams and sportsmen should follow these rules. Football in 50ths was very different from modern football because globalization had not begun to affect it yet. There some facts that show the evidence of improvement and differentiation of football, for example before 50ths there was no “offside” in football, moreover it was very blunt because referees allowed the footballers to play roughly. In football, there are some teams that they have a significant role in the globalization of football, for example, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and some other football clubs influenced the globalization of football. Furthermore, some football legends consider that football in the past was better than modern football, for example, Johan Cruyff was one of the most popular players in the world at 60-70ths and in all of his interviews he reports that football was better and popular in the past and he distinctly says that he prefers past football to modern football. Football is one the most interesting and popular sort of sports in the world and

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