The Globalization Of Mobile Phones In Africa

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Globalisation is a key factor in today’s modern society with it spreading to even the most remote and poverty ridden continents of the world. It shows how something as simple as a mobile phone can help spread this on a global scale. Africa is the world’s poorest continent with people earning from 75p to £1.50 a day, after taking a closer look and researching into mobile phone use in Cape Town, Zanzibar and The Gambia it shows how local people’s lives are being changed due to the use of a mobile phone. In Africa alone the use of the mobile phone has increased by 65% in the last 5 years[1], this being the first method of ICT that has actually been adopted by locals due to the low price of a handset.

Mobile phones are a technologic advancement that have been around since the early 1980’s, they were first seen as a fashion accessory in countries with good economic climates that could afford the very expensive handsets. They were not small either such sizes were like holding a brick. Since the early concepts of mobile or handheld phones the technology used in them has advanced greatly improving the use and application of them allowing them to become more than just a fashion accessory but more of a technologic advantage over others. Such is why the globalisation of mobile phones in Africa is a key area for my report to focus on as it will show why these small devices have had such a large impact on the world’s poorest continent.

Africa has a total population of around 1.1

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