The Globals: The Side Effects Of Global Warms

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In today’s world, Earth is getting warmer every year. With each year going by, scientists have more data to prove global warming is becoming more of a threat. The greenhouse effect and pollution is contributing to the temperature rise and is causing the polar ice caps to melt. A side effect of the melting, the water will flow into the oceans causing sea levels to rise and putting coastal cities in danger. As global temperatures and sea levels rise, there is only so much humans can do to slow down the process and to maybe even make it stop as a whole.

Whether humanity wants to admit or not, the temperature is rising globally and people have to accept it as what it is. The main reason scientists are worrying about global warming is because it is taking a huge effect on polar ice caps because of the heat-trapping greenhouse gases and more than ninety percent of the trapped heat is being absorbed into the oceans (Boening). The greenhouse effect is caused by gases within the atmosphere and absorbs and reflects heat from the sun. The greenhouse gases do have an important role in day to day living, they keep the Earth warm so it is stable enough to sustain life. But even a superb amount of heat being trapped in the Earth can cause it to warm more than it should. Antarctica is a cold continent and it is largely affected by the rising temperatures. According to author and book writer, Kenneth Shepherd, in Antarctica, the average temperature is -58°F and the growth and melt of the

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