The Globe Theater During The Elizabethan Era

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The Globe Theater was a very well-known and entertaining theater where many famous plays were shown which were written by many famous writers including Shakespeare. The theater had a very unique structure, one that you would not find today. An article about the construction of the globe theater states “ The Globe theater was built in 1599 using timber from an earlier theater” (The Globe Theatre, The Globe Theater was mainly built of timber, stone, and plaster. It was a circular shape with an open roof with a roof cover around the outside to shield the seats that were under them for those who paid to sit there. The Globe Theater showed all genres of plays and were shown for low prices. An article states “Flags were erected on the day of the performance which sometimes displayed a picture advertising the next play to be…show more content…
“In Shakespeare's time acting was a profession only open to boys and men” (Globe Education, Actors). During this time period women were not allowed to act in performances so men played all the girl parts in a show. Along with the actors came the audience. The audience during the Elizabethan Era was much different from today’s audiences. “The audience went to the theatre to be seen and admired, dressed in their best clothes… these people were not necessarily well behaved. Most didn’t sit and watch in silence like today.” (The Globe Theater, Robson). The Audience presented their emotions towards the show if they felt like it. If they did not like the play they would throw things and booed to the actors, on the other hand if they did like the play that was showing they would cheer on and encourage the things that were happening on stage. People in this time acted and knew differently than people do
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