The Gnostic Gospels One God, One Bishop: Analysis

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In Chapter II of The Gnostic Gospels, “One God, One Bishop”, Pagels outline how the Orthodox Christians seek to exclude the Gnostics with a creed that confirms one true God. Pagels intent is to describe how both religions differentiate in their meaning of how God shows his sovereignty. The creed was to help identify the Orthodox from the Gnostics “by confessing one God, who is both “Father Almighty” and “Maker of heaven and earth” (28). The Gnostics claim the Orthodox Christians worship a false God because of their “all-good” God creating a fallen world. Through discovering texts in history, Pagels support a claim from Marcion (a dualist) who believes there are two different Gods. The Gnostics argue with the Orthodox by questioning the supremacy
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