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Globalisation, liberalisation and information technology are among the change drivers that demand private and public organisations to endure a future constant change (Benn, Dunphy & Griffith, 2014; Osborne & Brown, 2013). The goals of organizational change are varied and the most common goals are minimizing costs, bettering the firm, mergence, crisis intervention or overcoming competition. Briefly, organisational change is a process to optimize performance in order to reach its ideal state. Apparently, an organization that is able to deal with change gains a competitive advantage (Chaston, 2012).
Organisational change in nature can be a planned or unplanned (Champoux, 2016). Planned change is often a proactive move to prepare for challenges
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Basically, there are two perspectives to be focused in change (Myers, Hulks & Wiggins,2012). The first one is to focus on how to change an organization from the organizational level which means the focus must be placed on the whole process involved in the organization. The second one is to focus the change on the people inside the organization. This perspective is usually more effective because organization is not an entity itself, but a collection of people. In addition, research has proven that for a change to be effective, change efforts should be focused on the people because organization is a collection of people working towards a common goal (Griffin & Moorhead, 2013).
Apparently, people are the most important factor in initiating change (Griffin & Moorhead, 2013). However, leading people through organizational change is a challenging process as the change may create a great uncertainty regarding works such as beliefs, values, orientations, behaviours and skills (Thomson & Thomson, 2012).This uncertainty can affect the employees in terms of job commitment and job satisfaction and directly affect their performance (Yu,

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