The God Delusion Debate Analysis

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In The God Delusion Debate, one of the strength that I discovered from Professor Richard Dawkins is he presented his arguments in a very convincing form. As he stands for sciences, which needed evidence to proof his statements, his theory and arguments were more logical. Therefore, his arguments were more convincible compared to Dr. John Lennox. For instance, from first thesis of the debate, which is about faith is blind and God is an illusion, Professor Richard Dawkins persuaded that when people love and want the world to be wonderful forever, they started to admire to someone who can control it so well and slowly having a desire to worship something or someone, which is the God. Then, he said, “I feel this and I recognize that other scientists such as Carl Sagan feel this, Einstein felt it.” (The God…show more content…
Furthermore, in the fourth thesis, which is about Christianity is dangerous, he stated, “That’s my faith and you’re not to question that”. (The God Delusion Debate) This showed and persuaded that religion didn’t provide explanations about how faith exists and what is faith. Religion defines that faith can let people do anything without justification. This is terrible for children who have been taught that faith is a virtue by religion and not to have doubt on it. When they grown up in violent turn of mindset, they will act badly by using faith as a shelter. Besides that, in the third thesis, he stated, “ well here we are, we exist, we have to be in the kind of universe in which is capable of giving rise to us.” (The God Delusion Debate) He used anthropic principle to subvert that there is God designed people. Those are the strong points of Professor Richard Dawkins stated and he convinces people better with his tune to state out his
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