The God Of Small Things Character Analysis

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The God of Small Things is a novel by Indian author Arundhati Roy. This novel is debut novel of Arundhati Roy and known for wining booker prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the English-language literary world. Roy started writing her first novel (The God of Small Things) in 1992 and novel got completed in 1996. The publication of The God of Small Things gave Roy to international fame. In year 1997 it was listed as one of the New York Times Notable Books. It was on fourth position on the New York Times Bestsellers list for Independent Fiction. As the tittle of the novel is The God of Small Things the writer makes the promise throughout the novel and focus on how the small things effect people’s life and behaviour. Roy was born in 1960 and grew up in Ayemenem a village in state of Kerala she experienced the cultural as well as the political scenario with those experience she crafted magnificent novel The god of small Things. Arundhati Roy’s phenomenally crafted novel, The God of Small Things highlights on the temperament of the people living in South Indian society it is a story about the childhood experiences of fraternal twin and how their childhood experience is effected by the society in which they were living. The story is set in Ayemenem, district in Kerala, India. The temporal setting shifts back and forth between 1969, when fraternal twin Esthappen and Rahel are 7 years old, and 1993, when the twins are reunited at the age of 31. The story is not sequential
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