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How can we understand the God of the Old Testament? How did the God of the New Testament reveal Himself? We cannot say that the God of the Old Testament is the God of justice and that of the New Testament, revealed in Jesus Christ, is the God of mercy. Although the language is very different, the God of the New and of the Old Testament is the same; for there is one God. In fact, God's action in the Old Testament is deeply marked by a dynamic of mercy.
The word mercy means to suffer for the misery of others. The mercy of God is the virtue that prevents us from His punishment. God has revealed himself as someone who expresses a specific kind of love, which is demonstrated by a sacrificial gift, and “In His mercy, God grants humanity life and
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Mercy is to see a person without food and give him food, is to see a lonely person and keep him company; is to attend to needs and not just feel them; it is more than feeling pity for someone. The Hebrew word for mercy is hesed, which is the ability to enter into another person until we can practically see with our own eyes, think with our own mind and feel with our heart. Or in Kasper’s words “means unmerited loving kindness, friendliness, favor, and also divine grace and mercy.” (43) Mercy, therefore, is not a natural virtue. To perform such an act, we need to love with divine love. By nature, man is evil, insensitive, cruel, selfish, unable to exercise mercy. We must be born again before we are merciful.
The Bible states that Jesus as a messenger of God’s mercy took upon Himself our nature and died for us in order to be God our Father regardless of our sins. God, therefore, from his heart of mercy, found a way for Him to do us good, and to join His mercy with His righteousness. God is holiness and “because of his holiness, God can offer only resistance to evil.” (53). We are a mass of sin and corruption, but Christ died for us, and God is the Father of mercies to all who are in Christ. So as God's righteousness was fulfilled to the sinner, the obstacle is removed and the mercy of God flows
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