The Godfather Character Analysis Essay

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The Godfather is an excellent example that the voice of blood and close ties often determine a person 's fate, not allowing the main heroes to escape from the circumscribed circle. Postwar America is entangled in the web of the Sicilian mafia. The Syndicate of Don Corleone zealously protects the borders of his possessions, independently administers justice and helps to get out into people 's countrymen. F. F. Coppola sympathizes to Corleone family and offers an original interpretation of criminal story, filling it with the subtext of father-son tragedy and a focus on strong family bonds. Coppola characterizes Corleone family relations through a clear and distinct three-act structure. The exposition is the wedding scene where the spectator…show more content…
The most defining motivation of the protagonists is the love for relatives. This includes brother 's love for relatives, father 's love for children, husband 's love for his wife and children, and Don`s love for his people. It creates the set of intrinsic triggers that create preconditions for further dramatic evolution of characters (Petrie and Boggs 37). Santino is generous and kind to his family and children. He is always kind to Tom and especially his siblings. Their pain is perceived by him as his own pain. For the sake of them, he is willing to risk his life to find Sollozzo because he dared to hurt his father and threaten their family. Coppola uses this to underline the excessive haste of the character and create his image as a good performer but not a future Don. Moreover, such devotion to the family creates the basis for Santino 's subsequent death because his image is complete and does not have the appropriate dynamism. Santino only seeks to protect the family at any cost; in the end, it leads him to betrayal. Santino also dies because he loves his sister too much and can not accept that her husband, his former friend, is hurting her. Santino Corleone in the eyes of the viewer is not a villain and not a murderer, and not a cruel person. He lived and died for the sake of the family, thus creating a glow of compassion for his
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