The New Guy Character Analysis

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First character: The Initial Wise Leader
This character is introduced as the initial leader of the mafia or crime group at the beginning of the movie. He/She is very knowledgeable, and their power will be demonstrated by an act, usually a murder, intimidation, or heist. Their movements are very calculated, and they are always 2 steps ahead of the competition at all times. They are widely respected in their group and anyone who does not show adequate respect will be eliminated. About half way through the movie, they will be betrayed or killed, causing their group to violently retaliate against the responsible party.

Second character: “The New Guy”
This character is new to the crime family or has not previously lived a life of crime. The
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These guys are professionals and dress as such. The entire crew is always in a tuxedo or a suit, making sure to represent their crime family as a very classy and wealthy organization. These men consider themselves businessmen, and they dress the part just as well as a stock broker from Wall Street.

Convention 2
When there is money involved, people have a tendency to get greedy. This leads to my second convention; betrayal. Whether someone in the gang is an undercover cop or they set up their boss for an assassination, there will be some sort of inside job. In the case of the Godfather, the rat is caught and dealt with before Michael gets assassinated.

6. Describe the icons (expected visuals such as props, costumes, sets, locations, etc.) found not only in this film but also in other films of the genre) List and describe four.

Icon 1: The weapon of choice for the gangsters is the classic Tommy Gun submachine gun with the drum magazine. This is how Sonny is killed in the Godfather.

Icon 2: Shady meetings between rival gangs or rival families are always held in vacant, run down buildings. This serves two purposes. First, the meeting location will be hard to find by any uninvited parties. And second, it’s easy to hide a body in an abandoned
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You must provide six examples. “Techniques” are “how” something is done. Don’t confuse this with content or “what” is done. Techniques for consideration here include how the camera is used (angles, distances, movements, lenses, and focus), editing, and lighting, For each of the six examples, state the specific scene, the term for the technique, and the effect of using the technique in this way. For example, “In the scene in which Black Bart is tied to the railroad track, a high angle shot is used to show Bart’s weakness and
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