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May 28th 2015 “The Godfather, I and II”: Patterns of corruption By Anthony Ambrogio There is a case to be stated that the first two Godfathers films form the “Great American Movie” of the twentieth century. The Godfather part one was first released in 1972. On the other hand, The Godfather part two was released in 1974 to great critical acclaim. Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather is among one of the best films ever produced. It was consistently ranked as one of the top three films by the American film institute. In Anthony Ambrogio’s article “The godfather, I and II patterns of corruption” he talks about the
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He mentioned that the first one began with an outdoor celebration, most specifically the wedding of Vito Corleone’s daughter. Ambrogio also mentioned that while the celebration was taking place, Vito Corleone was holding a court inside taking care of personal business as he states, “ Undertaker Bonasera’s request that the Godfather avenge his daughter; godson Johnny Fontane’s request for a part in the movie.” (Ambrogio36). On the other hand, the Godfather II begins almost the same way. The new Godfather throws a gala party outdoors honoring his son first communion. Ambrogio stated that like the first movie, the godfather is also attending personal business matters. In each movie we can see that both initial scenes are almost repeated. Ambrogio also mentioned in his article that early in the first movie there is an unsuccessful attempt on the Godfather’s life and even on the II there is an attempt on the new Godfather’s life. Ambrogio stated, “Both films proceed from these points to tell tales of gang warfare and betrayal within the organization and the family”. (Ambrogio36). He clearly wants to show the reader that both films features repetition and parallels. The godfather II’s repetition of key incidents and on the other hand, Godfather I shows the longevity of crime and criminal empire in the second Corleones…show more content…
He states for example that on the second movie the attempt on Michael’s life came much earlier than Don Vito attempt on the first movie. He also mentioned that although Michaels is able to escape from his injure, Don Vito does not. In Ambrogio’s article, he explains the different levels of corruption in each of the two films as she states;” The attack on Michael is just one example of how much more corrupt everything is in The Godfather II”. (Ambrogio38). He describes Godfather less extensive and Godfather part two as more brutal as he stated. “ Godfather part one murders are all necessary as in Godfather part two murders are gratuitous”. (Ambrogio38). He later explains that the murders in part two represent an extreme from of motivation by desire on Michael’s
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