Ethical Issues In The Movie The Godfather

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In regards to ethical and moral decisions for those who commit crimes, there are multiple factors that can determine what the most appropriate verdict should be. In scenario three, a man has been convicted of armed robbery to serve time in prison, and admits guilt for the deed. The man pleas that he will not commit any crimes again, and is not a danger to society. He claims that he and his wife are expecting a child, and that going to jail would be detrimental to the future of his wife and children. Based on the information given, it is evident that there will be difficulties in making a final decision that will determine this man’s fate. The two perspectives that will contribute to the determination of this man’s fate are the types of universal…show more content…
Some universal dilemmas is justice over mercy, justice for society when a criminal who has the capability of committing another crime “to suffer evil is bad, but to do evil is much worse.”- Plato Showing mercy in this situation would benefit the society in a sense where we are ridding of a dangerous individual. Relating this to the movie The Godfather, in the movie many of the mobsters were family men, and their lives were regulated and lived with family. Although they claim to be loving towards their family they commit severe crimes on a daily basis. They have been convicted of many crimes, and have admitted that they would not commit crimes again. They also rejected the claims which they were being accused of. Because the characters in the godfather are family men, and claim to never commit crimes again, they continue to commit severe crimes very frequently. In both situations it relates to them both not being able to take ownership and pay the consequences for their mistakes. From a Morality perspective, looking back at the social contract theory its states that “The belief is that human beings got together long ago in social groups and they entered a social contract, or agreement, to act in a particular way” going off of that their is a reason for the criminal code of conduct and for prison systems set in place. Everyone makes mistakes in life, some are excusable and some are not. Thomas Hobbes felt that if there were no contract then people would just act on instinct- rape, pillage etc- human beings in their natural state are inclined to war and distrust. There is a reason why we have the prison system, so that criminals pay for their actions and to protect the people. He states he has a wife that is expecting and two kids on the way. If he is a good and harmless guy as he states he is then it would never cross his mind to being involved in an
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