The Godfather Movie Analysis

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FILM SUMMARY The Godfather is a film produced in 1975, set in the 1940’s. It follows the Corleone family, an Italian Mafia clan, as they get tangled up in a war between the other families residing in the USA. Vito Corleone barely survives an attempt at assassination, and his son, Michael is forced to step in as his father’s replacement. In the movie, there are several negotiation scenes. • Bonasera vs Vito Corleone • Michael vs Moe Green • Vito vs family leaders THE CONFLICT The main conflict in The Godfather is the ongoing war between the multiple mafia families that reside in the US. After a drug deal gone wrong, violence erupted among the families, causing many losses both of underlings and close family. A lot of the negotiation in this…show more content…
He wants to buy Moe Green, an owner of a big part of the business, out of it. Michael wants the Corleones to own the casino business in its entirety. Moe Green loves his Casino business. He is insulted by Michael’s attempt to buy him out, and to him it is not an option he is willing to consider. Michael Corleone Michael’s objective is to buy out Moe, obtaining the casino completely. He will not take no for an answer, and is determined to obtain the business by any means. He does not expect Moe Green to cooperate, but has the hidden agenda of siphoning more information from Moe, so that he could come up with other ways to get to his goal. He has no BATNA, but has a hidden agenda for gaining information. Moe Green Until now, Moe has had a harmonized relationship with the Corleones. The Corleone family financed his casino in its beginning stages, and Moe agreed to take in Fredo (Michael’s little brother) during their time of distress. His business is too important for him to sell out. It is more than a problem of money. The casino is his pride and aspiration, he has no intentions to give it up regardless of price. He wants to keep his business, and has no
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