The Godfather Movie Psychology

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I.) Scarface – The film has two major story arcs, Tony’s introduction and work under his boss Frank Lopez, and his rise and fall as a drug kingpin. His steady transition as drug lord happens during the end of the first arc. We are then shown a series of transitional montages as to how he built his empire. II.) The Godfather – The film has one big arc that is then sectioned into 3. A minor transitional arc within the film is Michael and Apollonia marriage and her death marks a smooth transition to the rise of Michael as mob boss, which happens at the very end of the film. E.) LITERARY DEVICES Elements Usage of the film 1.) Antithesis - A contrasting idea to an established concept. Tony and Michael are both antithesis to typical criminal stereotypes due to them having a human side along with other characters, such as Marlon Brando’s performance as Vito Corleone. 2.)…show more content…
The Godfather focuses on the degrading relationships of the Five Families Scarface focuses on Tony’s own drug rage where he starts to become paranoid. 3.) Archetype – Serves as a framework for a well known concept. Some characters of both films serve a typical or generic role, like how Manny Ribera and Peter Clemenza fulfil the role of a friend to their bosses. 4.) Motif – An idea or subject that is constant and present within the story Both films show the rise of a man from nothing and the resulting consequences of trying to lead a cynical life. 5.) Setting – An element that establishes the time and place of the film. Scarface is set in the 1980’s rich with the appropriate chessy music and the imagery of a bright and neon filled Miami. The Godfather potrays the aftermath of World War II in a dark and cynical way. Depressing alleys, jazz music and long
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