The Godfather: Blaxploitation Film Genre

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In the 1970s, the US film industry became a creative high point although it was opened with Hollywood experiencing a financial and artistic depression. Restricted elements such as language, adult content or sexuality, and violence had been loosened up while the elements became more widespread and other countries are using this elements as their general restrictions. In 1970, Blaxploitation film genres, an ethnic subgenre of a film category which exploits current trend, became trending with a successful film by Melvin Van Peebles “Sweet Sweetback;s Baadasssss Song.” Many high profile filmmakers at that time was featured in the film were Gordon Parks, William Crain and William Levy. In 1972, the movie of the year was The Godfather. At that time…show more content…
The movie brats worked in many types of traditional genres, but they also tried to show about autobiographical colouring. For example, American Graffiti (1973) was not only a youthful musical but also Lucas’s reflection on growing up in California in the 1960s. New York’s Little Italy for Martin Scorsese’s crime drama Mean Street (1973) had drew his youth’s attention. Coppola instilled both Godfather films with a sense of intense bonds between the Italian American family. Paul Schrader poured his huge obsessions with violence and sexuality into his scripts for the movie Taxi Driver and Raging Bull and the films he directed, such as Hard Core…show more content…
Altman’s Three Women (1977) and Allen’s Interiors (1978) are one the examples of owning a good deal to Ingmar Bergman’s work. They were more influential were their innovations in which Allen had revived the American comedy in Annie Hall (1977), Manhattan (1979), Hannah and Her Sisters (1985). McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) and The Long Goodbye (1973) created by Altman that had displayed roughed-edged performances, bad soundtracks, and a disrespectful approach to genres. His Nashville (1975) made its plot out of the normal happenings between two dozen characters, none of whom is singled out as the combatant. Altman and Allen were one of the slightly older generation but many movie directors and producers had proved to be the most continuously successful directors of the era. By the year 1975, the movie world had changed forever and became a great blow to new filmmakers that broadcast their movies in theatres. Steven Spielberg, an American director, created the shark movie “Jaws” that caused huge comebacks by the Majors and started the rise of the blockbuster movie. George Lucas started the ancillary market of by betting his toys from his well-known Star Wars Trilogy that fund his movies. The studies had no clue about this gainful and lucrative helper business sector of toys and permitting could be an advantage to producers (Callahan. J.G, 2000). Coppola, however, failed to sustain his own studio

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