The Gods Killed In Homer's Odyssey

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The gods ruined Odysseus’ crew’s, Menelaus’, and Odysseus’ lives by intervening. The gods ruined Odysseus’ crew’s lives by killing all of them. Menelaus may have gotten a lot of treasures from the gods, but he suffered because almost all of his friends died. Odysseus had a hard life because the gods constantly interfered in it. First, the gods killed all of his crewmates. Then, they put him on an island with Kalypso for seven years. He mourned his family and had to deal with Kalypso every day. Odysseus finally got off and found land, but Poseidon destroyed his ship. He borrowed a boat and finally got home, but he has to deal with the suitors. He finally gets rid of them and all is well. His story ends well, but he had to go through so many
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