The Gods Must Be Crazy Analysis

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The film “The Gods Must Be Crazy” shows the difference between the culture of the Bushmen and modern society through the interactions between socialized members of each of the cultures. The differences can be noticed in the characters’ actions, values, views, etc. The film shows the differences between human cultures, as well as the ethnocentrism.
The bushmen culture is basically of simplicity and contentment. The life of the bushmen community is relaxed and slow. They never punished or even spoke harshly to their children and yet the children behaved good. The bushmen have great faith on their family and their relationship with god. The bushmen also have respect for all life both human and non-human. In the film, the bushman shoots an animal with a tranquilizer dart and waits until the animal slows down to go to sleep; before killing the animal, bushmen would apologize for killing the animal and explained that he must do it so that his family could eat. This action was important because it showed that the bushmen hunted only out of necessity and never for fun or sport. The bushmen also seemed content with their lives despite our judgment on the life of the tribes ,etc. The bushmen seemed to have nothing such as private or personal property and they shared their food with everyone. This situation changed suddenly after they discovered what they called “gift from the gods” which was a empty coke bottle. The bushmen used this bottle as a music-maker, tool and toy. The bottle
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