The Gold Mountain Coat Analysis

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In “Wordsmith” by Young and “The Gold Mountain coat” by Fong Bates both passages show relationships between fathers and their children. The relationship between father and daughter in “Wordsmith” contrasts greatly with the type of relationship that Sam Sing has with his children. Although the relationships are very different, both passages show the importance of communication between family members. In “Wordsmith” the father is trying to fix the relationship between him and his daughter like how he is trying to fix the maintenance of the house, “he begins the... process of filling in the gaps... (4-5)”. With all the years the father has missed, he wants to be a part of her life more. Young’s dad is trying to be a better figure to her by “...smooths and sands as filling in all of the empty crevice (15-16)” this allows the narrator’s dad to have a better relationship and get to know her better. “... Father of mine whose love keeps him moving from room to room (23-25)” even though the narrator’s dad doesn’t express his love towards his daughter he is starting to work on it now. In “The Gold Mountain Coat” the relationship that Sam Sing, has with his sons John and Ken, is very unhealthy. Sam is very selfish dad who never shows any love for them. Sam had bought John and Ken a…show more content…
Both fathers are quiet men. Both fathers seem to work hard. The difference in the fathers is in the way they express or don 't express their love for their children. In “Wordsmith “the daughter 's father expresses his love through his actions. He repairs his daughter 's old house which proves how much he loves her. In “The Gold Mountain Coat” the Chinese father is emotionless. He does not share his money with his hard-working sons. Even though the sons work hard in their father 's restaurant, the father does not seem to appreciate their hard work, not even enough to make sure both sons have a warm
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