The Gold Rush: A Narrative Fiction

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Traveling was difficult, the roads rough and rugged. But Bob was not going to give in so easily. Even with the wagon wheel broken and many of his supplies gone, Bob’s attitude was inexorable. It was December of 1849, the year of the great gold rush! Instantly all kinds of people started to forge their way to California in great hopes of becoming rich. While walking in the blackness of night, deep throaty howls broke the silence like a gunshot in the morning. Inside of his chest, Bob could feel a stinging and tightening sensation occurring. Anxiety started setting in. The howls and growling started to get closer, even closer, and even closer until the wolves were right behind him! Bob panicked! Pulling his gun from his pack on his broad shoulders, he aimed at a nearby fern shooting. The loud bang echoed, scaring off the hungry, preying wolves. Carrying on with his journey Bob pushed through the freezing, slippery…show more content…
Help me to make the choices you would be proud of, help me to be a shining light in this darkness. Please keep everyone here in the camps and panning safe. Amen.” Putting on his hat Bob grabbed his pan and headed for the frigid river.
“Why Karen hello! I thought you and Steve left!” Bob exclaimed raising his hat. Karen smiled at him and shook her head.
“Steve would not hear of leaving without you! He insists we stay until you leave!”
“Well that is something else! Well I better go Karen the water calls me!”
“Good bye Bob! May the Lord bless your soul!” She called after him. Reaching his spot Bob plopped down on his rock scooping up some mud and water shaking his pan, nothing. Discouragement hit him harder than before, shaking the pan some more a little glistening caught Bob’s attention. Digging through the slimy, bumpy, gross mud he plucked up the shiny rock. His heartbeat quickened, skin heating up he bent down rinsed the little rock with some water. Bob could not believe his eyes! It was

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