Narrative Essay On The Gold Thief

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Jasur-The Gold Thief He stood there, gazing at the gleaming mountains of gold and diamonds, wondering if there even existed such a thing that could finish off his collection. The king of the kingdom of gold. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. It would be the most dangerous, insane thing ever done, but if he made it, it would be worth it. He was thinking about stealing King Drago’s precious gem, the gem that belonged to the most feared king in the whole kingdom of Ragastone. Peter was a young fellow, somewhere in his twenties, an agile lad that could stand his ground in a fight. He was skinny, and average sized, with shabby brown hair and clear blue eyes. Anyone who saw him, would think of him as just a regular fellow, but in reality, they…show more content…
How did this guy find his hut, it was in a non visible part of the forest and was covered in bushes, was one of the many thoughts that flooded Peter’s head. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, and yelled at the guy to stop, but the carriage was being pulled by two horses. Peter eventually ran out of breath and dropped to the ground. He was filled with waves of emptiness, desperation and sadness, followed by a wave of guilt. It was way past time that he realised, and experienced how awful what he did to other kings was. To have everything stolen from him, everything he spent so much time on, it just left this emptiness inside him. A new energy surged through him, as he got up and ran back towards the castle, desperate to find and return the gold to its owners. By the time he got to King Drago’s throne, he could barely breath, but he managed to ask permission to hunt down the other thief. After the king said yes, Peter followed the tracks of the carriage to another hut, about the size of his own. It was easy to find, a little too easy. He kicked open the door, and sitting there, eating a meal, was the other thief. Peter came up to him, kicked over the table and grabbed him by the shirt. “Where is the gold!” he demanded. To Peter’s surprise, the
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