The Golden Age Of Hollywood And The Film Movement

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Ever since the birth of film it has been clear that film would ultimately set a place in the world for itself as the worlds medium of communicating ideas and notions on a mass scale to mass audiences and ultimately be able to influence peoples decisions and become a reason for why they do the different things they do in life. The various forms of film and development of these movements meant that film was becoming more impactful as a whole, but two specific film movements stand out above the rest as a result of their ability to withstand the test of time, namely; The Golden Age of Hollywood and The famous Silent Era
Throughout the history of film we have seen various different movements take shape and influence their respective audiences. When talking about these different film movements we think of The French New Wave, Italian Neo-Realism, The Golden Age of Hollywood, The Silent Era, German expressionism etc. Every single one of these film movements served a purpose and based on their setting both politically and socially at the time they were able to gain a large fan base and were also used to serve different purposes altogether. The use of film as propaganda in countries like Russia became a norm, films showcasing the world for what it was, like in Italian Neo-Realism and the French New Wave gave people a lot to think about, escapist films which came into being after major downfalls had occurred in society e.g. the wall

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