Personal Narrative: The Golden Age

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My life was great, I had a hero police officer as my father, a genius scientist as my mother and two little brothers. I wanted to make my parents proud so I got medals, high grades, licenses to make them proud and they pampered me so much that I had a high ego but when I reached puberty my high ego was so fragile that an insult would break it all down and the breaking hit came from my father, we had a fight about dinner, having fights with the parents as a teenager was a normal thing but I wanted to get out of there and so I did.

I picked up my camp kit, my savings, and my father's old pistol, I ran away from home but I was smarter than the other kids who escaped their homes, I knew how to avoid danger because my father taught me everything
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The second series was "The Normal Age" It was the same series but this time the storyteller was the main character, he was a person named "Alfred" He lived in the alternative Prussia that was in an alternative french empire control, he was a normal soldier but his sister was the leader of Prussia, he explained almost everything but had a weak spot for his sister.

The third series was "The Darkest Age" This book was different, the storyteller and the main character of the book wasn't human, the book talked about everything including every bad thing everyone did, such as genocides, war crimes and much more, The storyteller and the main character had a life in the story, the storyteller and the main character met both of the book's storytellers and many thought this person was a monster, a psychopath, a ruthless person because of the things that person did and It was later revealed that this person was the sister of the second book's storyteller, this plottwist was so big that it made international
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