The Golden Cat Vs. Herford's The Cat And The Moon

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Cats aren't really all that hard to please, are they? You give them food, a bed, and they are all set, right? Well, most cats. Some are playful, and some are lazy. Some need lots of attention, and some like their independence. One thing you will find though, is that cats are never innocent. In the poems, "The Golden Cat", and "The Cat and the Moon", you will analyze the similarities as well as the differences each one of these two cats hold, so you can get a good insight as to why they are mysterious creatures. First, we will discuss "The Golden Cat", written by Oliver Herford. Here we have a cat that humans call, the sun because he is always smiling. He is a very happy, regal, warm, and friendly cat. Everything he touches seems to light up. As you know, the sun is golden in color too. Can you visualize the round sun warm, bright, and smiling? This metaphor is a comparison of the two. The sun is like the cat, and the cat is like the sun. This is a lovely and moving poem. The rhyming really creates the mental picture. What a joy this cat must be, to his lucky family. Unlike the first story, "The Cat and the Moon" by William Butler Yeats, is very different. This poem is about a cat named…show more content…
One by day, one by night. One happy go lucky cat, one scared and lonely cat. Two things that seem the same. Both are regal, and both have a symbol in the sky. As one can tell, "The Golden Cat" is a delightful, playful, and symbolic poem that can be seen as simplistic, and yet it draws various similarities and differences between "The Cat and the Moon." Minnaloushe reflects the moon, for the light in his eyes is light reflected into them from the moon. As the moon changes, the cat's eyes are the personification of the moon's phases. This compare and contrast between poems can be perceived in many ways that are the same, and many ways that are different. Either way, these cats are quite a
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