The Golden Compass Character Analysis

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We build relationships throughout our lives, whether it be family or friends. However, do we understand them? In the Golden Compass, Lyra is the nucleus of an atom. Everyone and everything around Lyra makes her who she is. The master, scholars, and servants’ relationship with Lyra is strong based on the liking of Lyra, and the aversion against her family. On the other hand, John Faa and the gyptian society have a strong relationship with Lyra. They too like Lyra, but also like her family. Overall, the master, scholars, servants, John Faa and the gyptians all have relationships with Lyra, healthy and unhealthy, which all affect her life.

First off, the relationship between Lyra and Jordan College is healthy based on the daily support given
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Similarly, the relationship between Lyra and the Gyptians is exceptional, established by the respect given to her. The Gyptians have never risen their voice at her yet. From the beginning when Lyra met John Faa and everyone and until the end, Lyra has never experienced a yell at her. The Gyptians know what has happened to her, so they know not to yell at her. From the beginning of when Lyra met John Faa and everyone, Lyra has never experienced someone yelling at her. The Gyptians know what has happened to her, so they know not to yell at her. As an after effect, Lyra also respects John Faa and the other Gyptians. One reason Lyra left Mrs.Coulter is her demanding and unrespectful voice. This affects her because if the Gyptians were treating Lyra bad, she would try to run away again. Also, the Gyptians told Lyra the truth every time. “Ah, did they. Well now, child, I’m a going to tell you a story, a true story... and they all tell the truth to John Faa and Farder Coram. So this is the truth about yourself...” As an effect, Lyra now knows that Lord Asriel is her father and that Jordan had lied to her. Also, she has now gained more trust in John Faa because of him being honest and telling the truth. Without John Faa and the gyptians being honest, Lyra wouldn’t know important things like Lord Asriel being her father. Finally, the Gyptians trust/believe in her. They never doubted her for anything. Throughout Lyra’s journey with the Gyptians, they have trusted her. The…show more content…
In comparison, the relationship formed in Jordan and with the Gyptians was healthy, but the Jordan College entertained/disciplined her but often yelled at her. However, the Gyptians always respected her but was not entertained and disciplined. First off, Jordan College yelled at Lyra while the Gyptians did not. Throughout Lyra’s journey in Jordan, she was always getting yelled at. She was always getting yelled at for being away too much and being dirty. However, the Gyptians did not yell at her at all. They did not raise their voice at her. As a result, Lyra realizes that when it comes to being treated better, the Gyptians win. This happens because Lyra in Jordan always had to deal with yelling, but when Lyra is with the Gyptians, she didn’t get yelled at once. This affects the plot because if the Gyptians didn’t treat her right, she would run away. Also, if Lyra wasn’t forced to go to Mrs.Coulter, she probably wanted to go somewhere else. On the other hand, Jordan has entertained her, but the Gyptians did not. In Jordan, Lyra as a younger child was always entertained. She always played with the scholars. She wouldn’t learn. She would have all the scholars entertain her like a queen. However, the gyptians did not do that. She was on her own. She was not treated with amusement from others. As a result, Lyra was pleased in Jordan when it comes to entertainment. This affects the plot because if Jordan was not entertaining her, she would hate the place. For the Gyptians, if
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