The Golden Fence Hero's Journey

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Every hero who goes on the journey to complete the mission follows a similar path. This path, according to Joseph Campbell, has twelve steps. The play, The Golden Fleece Part I by Zachary Hamby follows these twelve steps of the hero’s journey. The ordinary world is the first step which the hero is introduced sympathetically to the audience, so they can identify and understand the dilemma. In The Golden Fleece, the ordinary world is when Jason, the young hero, is growing up in peaceful exile and learning from the wise centaur, Chiron. During his life with Chiron, he has listened to the story about the golden fleece and his ancestry. Therefore he knows about the throne. The call to the adventure is the second step after the hero knows some secrets or does something, and he gets a call to action. For The Golden Fleece Part I, it is after Jason knows about the throne, Chiron tells him that he needs to go get his throne back from his cousin, Pelias. The refusal of the call is when that hero refuses a call to the adventure that he received because of his fear or his thought. The hero will try everything for not doing the adventure. In The Golden Fleece Part I, there is not really a refusal of the call, but just only a little problem that Jason doesn’t have any weapon to use for his adventure. Meeting the mentor is the fourth step that is a big turning…show more content…
So Chiron, wise centaur, help him to be prepared for the adventure, then he goes to the kingdom to meet his cousin, Pelias. But Pelias tells Jason to bring the golden fleece to him to get the throne back. He receives the help from Hera which was a group of heroes that come to help. After all these events, they start sailing to find the golden
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