Movie Review: The Golden Mountain

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Have you ever heard about Golden Mountain? A mountain made of hundred stacks of gold bars in circle, surrounding a big pole in the center which is also made by gold. Nobody knows who build or where does it come from, but what people know is that the Golden Mountain lays on the island far away from urban city. It takes 2 weeks trip using a ship from the nearest city if you want to go to Glodius Island, the island where the Golden Mountain lays.
The Gladian, native of Gladius Island always protects and regards the Golden Mountain as their precious thing given by God. Years by years they live in peace, guarding the Golden Mountain. But one thing that becomes Gladian’s weakness is that
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The Gladius island appears on the surface and brings its Golden Mountain. In last 800 years also Hugo’s family still save the coordinate position of that island and keep waiting for this miracle. The 12th generation of Hugo’s family, Peterson decides to move his kingdom on Gladius Island with one rule to his people, “As our ancestor said, we as their generation should live in this land and keep it living. The area of Golden Mountain is forbidden for everyone. But before that, try to conceal that mountain from anyone. Use ground or anything to make it as same as common mountain. Remember, don’t move any structure of that mountain or steal, even just one bar. We should respect our ancestor promise.” And then they start covering the mountain with a ground. The covering finished in the 25th generation of Hugo’s family, King Anderson. They lived in peace as the covering project was…show more content…
“The king had shown his wonder to us. I can imagine how scary the disaster caused by breaking the Golden Mountain. People who loss his belief to their leader, will lead them to destruction. But he saved us, who believed in him. Just before the war begin, he said that where will we leave if we got the disaster like Glaudian did, the native of this land and friend of our ancestor. For him, the important thing is people, he emphasized other need than his need. Can you imagine? Where will we live if he gave the Golden Mountain to the West or the South? He saved us, he let the kingdom collapsed with greedy people. And now this is our turn to rebuild this land and keep this land living like our ancestor want.” The Queen said to the innocent in the East
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