The Good And Bad Stereotypes Of A Fisherman

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There are lots of good and bad stereotypes to fisherman, as some have more truth than others. The stereotype that fisherman drink alcohol while is in fact true, although it varies from person to person, where some drink one here and there or to celebrate a good catch, and others drink for the fun of it. Along with some of fisherman drinking too much, there are some that pollute the water by throwing trash into the lake. According to Wide Open Spaces online site, 10 Misconceptions About Anglers, Joe Riekers explains that, “Sportsman of all types are concerned about the environment in which they conduct their activities. Fisherman, for the most part, aren’t like that and would rather help keep it clean because they care about the environment for the most part. Also, if the water becomes too polluted, then there would be no fish to catch. One stereotype that has the most truth to it is that fisherman lie, but mostly only about the size and how the fish was caught. Everyone lies, and fisherman are no exception to this. Afterall, fisherman only do it to spice up the story because who likes a boring story, and it wouldn’t be a fishing story if the size of the fish wasn’t exaggerated. Every group has its bad batch of people that make the rest of the group look bad as a whole, and the fisherman group is no exception to this truth. While fisherman aren’t all perfect, there still more to them to a few bad stereotypes. For example, fisherman do a lot more than just sit all day because

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