The Good Birds Club Chapter Summary

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After reading Chapters five and six and watching the Sesame Street clip viewed in class, I can say that I can relate the two to the effects of media use in toddlerhood and early childhood. The video The Good Birds Club portrays an excellent example of how the media can play a positive role in toddlerhood and early childhood. This episode introduces the issue of bullying and teaches the children the prosoical skills that are necessary to prevent this problem with children. In “The Good Birds Club,” when Big Bird gets bullied by another bird in the neighborhood, Elmo and Abby help children understand the difference between reporting and tattling. In addition, the episode encourages children to seek the help of an adult they trust when faced with…show more content…
210). This stage in a child’s life is shown in the episode of Sesame Street because the children are taught that bullying is not right and that there moral standards and behaviors they must meet. Also the textbook and the video clip both discuss empathy and having the ability to understand and respond helpfully to another person’s distress. Empathy develops when a child understands its self as separate from others and it develops self-awareness in the stage of toddlerhood (pg. 210). Elmo and Abby were empathetic towards Big Bird because they told him that he was perfect just the way he is and they helped Big Bird out of his distress. Prosocial behavior is the behavior intended to help or benefit others, which was defiantly seen throughout the video clips (pg. 210). The characters in the episodes showed the right in helping their peers and showing what was right and wrong between certain situations. Sesame Street stressed being prosocial rather than antisocial because the whole episode was about not bullying and being nice to your peers and standing up for what you know is right. The antisocial concept was shown throughout the clips by the birds in the Good Birds Club because they were not being nice to Big Bird and they were being to
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