The Good Dinosaur: Movie Analysis

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Movie Choice Part. 1
The Good Dinosaur For movie choice this week I choose ‘the Good Dinosaur’, a movie that I watched last night. I came to cinema without any expectation and left the cinema feeling energized. For notes this movie has a vital position in Pixar and in the development of movie industry generally, it is a historical moment in cinematic world when finally Pixar decided to release two movies in a year. The first movie, ‘Inside Out’, is an outstanding movie and put a high standard for any movie; it is hard for any animation movie to pass it. ‘The Good Dinosaur’ which came from the same studio cannot avoid comparison with ‘Inside Out’. Like it or not audiences will always compare both movies. The fact that ‘the Good Dinosaur’ faced several technical problems such as changes in directorial position, plot debates among creative team and even all of voice actors are replaced except Frances McDormand led to movie’s release date rescheduled to avoid disaster. Internationally, ‘the Good Dinosaur’ is marketed by letting the native voice actors redubbed all dialogues from English into native language; another strategy to put more values in this movie so
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The jokes are not hard to understand. Pixar’s also let us to have nostalgia with old western movies by presenting T-Rex family led by Butch (voiced by Sam Elliot) who had a herd of bison. Since Arlo helped him got his herd back, he taught Arlo about fear and courage in cowboys’ style in the middle of a campfire night. Meanwhile, the antagonist group of this movie, undoubtedly, inspired by the growth of occult and religious groups that trying to exploit spiritual needs of modern society. This is one of rare ‘adult issues’ that discussed through the movie. Deliberately, Pixar does not want to leave its ideology in the
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