The Good Doctor Character Analysis

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There are many misconceptions about the autism spectrum disorder and how it is portrayed in the media such as, people who have this disorder cannot reciprocate emotions and does not feel sad or happy. Another myth is people who have this disorder are intellectually disabled. These are all just myths on how autism is portrayed, for this assignment I have decided to choose Dr. Shaun Murphy on the show, Good Doctor. The Good Doctor is a based on a South Korean Drama that has been renewed for an American television show. It is a new show that was released in September 2017. This show takes place in in modern times, the plot of this storyline is primarily about this one character named Shaun Murphy. The Good Doctor portrays a young adult Shaun Murphy, who was chosen to work at St. Bonaventure Hospital which is a prestigious hospital despite having…show more content…
In the first episode of The Good Doctor, it does indicate that Shaun has autism but throughout the show, it progresses that Shaun also has Savant Syndrome. Although we did not many lessons on the Savant Syndrome, savant syndrome is a rare condition that 1 or 2 in 200 people with ASD have, this syndrome includes people with serious mental disabilities, including the autism spectrum disorder to have the ability to gain excessive amounts of memory, arithmetical abilities, and extraordinary skills in art and music. Dr. Shaun Murphy hits the criteria of having the ability to remember the excessive amount of memory and Arithmetical abilities, he is able to remember such things as his bus schedules, and many things regarding his past. He is also able to calculate or solve problems in his head within a few
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