The Good Earth Pearl S Buck Analysis

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Pearl S. Buck

1. Introduction
Pearl S. Buck is an American writer, human and women’s rights activist. After having been born for four months, she was taken to China by her parents and then spent her childhood, teenager and youth in Zhenjiang for more than 18 years. Pearl S. Buck has lived in China for 40 years, so she called Chinese “ the first language” and regarded Zhenjiang as the hometown in China. She wrote a book The Good Earth describing the life of Chinese farmers, and relying on this book she won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1932 and Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938. In 1934, Pearl S. Buck left China and returned back to the United States. Although living in America, she still positively took part in some human and women’s rights activities. Finally, in 1973, she died in Danby Vermont.
2. Pearl S. Buck and her full-length novel The Good Earth
During her whole life, Pearl S. Buck created about 84 works, including novels, biographies,children’s literature and political comments. Pearl S. Buck lived in China from her early age, so she was not only familiar with China but also loved China, especially Chinese farmers. In her numerous novels, there are many deblockedions about those disasters of countryside in old China and those excellent qualities, such as diligence, fortitude and perseverance, within Chinese farmers. In the opinion of Pearl S. Buck, only through paying attention to those normal working people who occupied the majority of the whole population of a

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