The Good Food Revolution Analysis

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Being an American means that you are devoted to your country, respect it, and you participate in its well being. There have been many successes and failures throughout America’s history, as well as political, economic, social, and cultural battles. The Good Food Revolution by Will Allen represents some of the outcomes of those battles, both good and bad. Altogether, it shows, as does history, that people have successfully worked together to make America a better place.

After the victory of the Revolution came a failure: the Articles of Confederation. These Articles were the first government of America. Although they did set up a Congress, there were multiple things wrong with the Articles, like the fact that each state only got one vote no matter how big or small the
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The Federalists believed in a strong, central national government. On the other hand, the Anti-federalists were afraid a strong central government would take over, as the British did, and control the people, so they wanted stronger state governments instead. So, the Bill of Rights became a compromise that listed the state’s and people’s rights, to make sure the government would stay a democracy and the people would always have a voice and basic freedoms.

People working together to make a community a better place is a major theme in both Will Allen’s The Good Food Revolution and in the history of America. In Allen’s story, people came together to make a community garden flourish so that the neighborhood could blossom. Similarly in America, all of the colonists came together, after independence from England was gained, and they built up America. They created a government and a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and many colonies and cities and states. The colonists worked together, through hardships and triumph, to make America what it is
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