The Good Lie Analysis

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Survival is to live form though times making tough descions that you thought you would never have to make. People can survive almost anything but without something to thrive them and to have a strong mind you will most likely fail to survive and you will loss what thrive you. For example “ the revenant” when a man want to get revenge on the person who kill his son. The “Good lie” is a another example African American refugees try to survive a civil war about religion. In the movie “ the good lie” four African refugees survive a civil war they are call the lost boys because they where young childern without any parents their names are Maimer, Jermiah , Paul, and Abital. They were call the lost boys because of peter pan when he had a group…show more content…
He was at least 15 or 16 year old when they took Theo. Mamer thinks that it is his fault that Theo was taken because they where tired so they went to sleep when Mamer woke up soldiers saw him so in order for the rest of the group to survive Theo allowed the soldiers to take him so the rest could make it to the camp. In the movie revenant it takes place in 1980’s a man name Hugh Glass who Leonardo Dicaprio play as in the movie he has a son that is half white and native. Hugh Glass and his crew was are the last frontiers they escape an Indian attack several of his men were killed they escape later Hugh Glass was attack by a bear he survive the attack. While holds on to life his crew abandoned him because he is becoming to much of a burden he is alone with one of his crew member John Fitzgerald which is played by Tom Hardy. He attempts to kill Hugh Glass he succeeds killing his son later he barred Hugh alive do to the bear attack which his crew had to carry him and he tired of carrying
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