Odysseus Is A Good Man Essay

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Emma Arent Mrs. Aumann Honors English 9 Block 3BC 5 February 2017 The Great Man Odysseus When looking up the definition of a “good guy” you find the description being a morally correct person or character : a hero. In the book The Odyssey, translated by Robert Fagles, the main character Odysseus can be described as “good guy”. When Odysseus sets out from his home, Ithaca to fight in a long war, he is faced with many problems that lead him to fighting for himself by occasionally being violent to protect himself. The issue with this is that some readers get the idea that he is just violent, which makes him a bad man. Although Odysseus can be violent sometimes, he is a good man because he is a good husband, he always looks out for his crew and is kind to everyone he meets on his journey Despite some violent actions Odysseus does, he is a good man because he was a very good husband …show more content…

. . I look at you and a sense of wonder takes me” (6. 172- 177). In this experience of Odysseus he was very kind when introducing himself to the Phaeacians and gained their trust and told him his story. In this case, they in return treated him very well saying he was better than all other men, supporting he is a good man. Odysseus shows kindness to the people he meets on his journey again when he reaches the Laestrygonian land. Another time that Odysseus was kind to the people he met on his journey was when he was down in the underworld talking to Tiresias. Odysseus was very kind to Tiresias, understanding that he may not like him after what he did to Zeus. Odysseus demonstrates his kindness by saying “How, / lord can I make her know me for the man I am?” (11. 164-165). Odysseus is talking about him talking to his dear mother in the underworld because he wants to show her how far he has made it. By doing this Odysseus shows that he can keep himself together and be nice to people even when he might have to work harder for

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