The Good Side Of Satan In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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The Good Side of Satan

Since the ancient times up today, the perception of good and evil has always existed. As an example, in the Christian Bible, evil is represented by the figure of Satan who before transforming himself into a demon, he was one of the most confidant and influence angels in heaven. However, due to the fact of his ambitious to become more powerful than the same Creator, God sent him to earth. As a matter of fact, in the bible Satan is portrayed as the cost of temptation and the promoter of mankind`s disobedience toward God. For this reason, people have stereotyped the image of Satan as selfish, evil, and numb and loser. Nevertheless, John Milton in his book, “Paradise Lost” (Book 1), has transformed the image of Satan, and personified him as an unselfish, good, sensible and harmless angel. In western religious, Satan is considered as a selfish and evil spirit whose purpose in life is to destroy humanity by making people disobey God. He is well-known as the Creator`s enemy. In fact, in the Christian bible, Satan is a greedy and avaricious creature because he wants to share the glory of the almighty. Therefore, when he sees all creatures worshiping God, he starts to experiment those feelings of selfishness and avarice which mislead him to a total perdition. Nonetheless, Jonathan Milton presents Satan as unselfish because he shares a treasure with others. For instance, he did split all the gold and gemstones found in hell. If he had been a selfish
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