The Good War Hero: Ramses II

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Witnessing Moses part the Red Sea wasn’t the only amazing thing Ramses the Second did. Ramses the Second was known throughout history to be one of the best Pharaohs that ever ruled over Egypt. His master architecture skills and warlike hero aspects gave him the name Ramses the Great. Ramses the Second was an excellent war hero, architect, and very skilled at making the economy of Egypt thrive. Many of his amazing temples and statues still amaze people today.
Ramses 11 was a wonderful pharaoh, but nobody really knows what he did before he was in control of Egypt. In 1303 BC, Seth 1 and Queen Ruya gave birth to a child. (Kenneth pg 6) Even though Queen Tuya didn’t like it, Sethi 1 named their child Ramses 11. (Kenneth pg 6) Ramses 11 often hung
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At the age of fifteen, he became the prince of Egypt and was married to Nefertari and Isetnofret. (Kennett pg 26) Ramses, as prince, went on military missions with his father, and when he became twenty two, he led campaigns by himself. (Tirano pg 5) His father died and was buried in an unfinished temple when Ramses was in his twenties. In 1279 BC, Ramses 11 was made the third pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty. (Tirano go 6) At the beginning of his reign, Ramses 11 spent his time building statues of himself, and working on military campaigns. (Kennett pg…show more content…
(Pemberton pg 11) “The temple was dedicated to the sun gods and has miniature figures that are of Ramses 11 children, queen, and mother.” (Mertz pg 240) A smaller temple is built to the north of the main one, which is dedicated to the goddess Hathor. (Dorman pg 4) Ramses 11 also founded the “House of Ramses” or “Pi Ramses”, which was a new capital. (Ancient Egypt online pg 4) Pi-Ramses is 60 miles northwest of Cairo and is significant because it helped decrease the amount of invasions in Egypt. (Ancient Egypt online pg 4) Since Ramses 11 wanted Pi-Ramses to be the most beautiful city in the world, he divided it into four sections and named each on after a god.There were multiple houses and temples in the city, but barracks were the most important part of the city. ( pg
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