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The Good Wife’s Guide is an instruction manual for women everywhere and every time. Although upon initial reading of the text I didn’t come to this conclusion, I thought it was a sexist paper aimed at oppressing women. But, after looking at the text a second time I realized that the guide has truth in hierarchal relationships from the time it was written to know. I think that the relationships between God and humanity, husband and wife, and employer and employee still hold true in todays modern society. The Good Wife’s Guide depicts how hierarchal relationships were during the time when the guide was written and how these relationships impacted modern relationships as well as the general truth in the relationships of todays society. The role of the wife in the relationship between God is similar to that of the husband. I saw this to be one relationship where the husband and wife were on the same plane, and the reason is because God created all people. Although the wife is still perceived to be lesser because Adam gave up a rib to have Eve created to be his companion. Thus, inferring that God’s only plan for women was to be man’s companion and to have children to inherit man’s fortune. Even though God created all…show more content…
I think it depicts how life was, and how it is now, in the perspective of how hierarchal relationships work and how they came to be. Although some hierarchal relationships, such as the relationship between husband and wife, eventually promoted more bad relationships that were unintended. The other relationships from the guide still hold true for todays modern society even though it was written long ago. Although I disagreed with the text upon initial reading, after analyzing I believe that The Good Wife’s Guide accurately depicts societal hierarchy for the time it was written as well as todays societal

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